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JUNE 2-30, 2022: Working Together 2: A Collection of Collaborative Art
July 2-30: Christine Davis Raku Fired Pottery & JD Nolan Photography
AUGUST 2-31, 2022: Colorful Pottery & Paintings by Kristy Jo Beber
SEPTEMBER 2-30: Sarah Creason Paintings & Thomas Braun Woodturning
OCTOBER 4-31, 2022: Sue Davis Acrylics & Steve Vachon Raku Pottery
NOV 10-DEC 31: Holiday Art
JAN 2023 TDB
FEB 2023: Valentine Hearts
MARCH 2023: Annual Themed Exhibition
MAY 2023 TBD
Acrylic Painting - Kathy Funderburg
Clay - Kimberly Rorick
Clay & 2D Mixed Media-Kristy Jo Beber
Clay - Steve Vachon
Clay by Guest Artists
Clay & Glass - Paula Crill
Encaustic & Baskets-Ruth Koomler
Glass - Elaine Wiening
Glass by Guest Artists
Fiber - Natalie Drummond
Oil & Acrylic Painting-Janie Caldwell
Fiber & Mixed Media by Guest Artists
Jewelry-Janet R Webb
Jewelry & Oil Painting - Suzi Emley
Jewelry by Guest Artists
Mixed Media - Sue Davis
Mixed Media-Susan Kline
Oils - Sarah Creason
Photography - Martha Trenkner
Wood & Metal by Guest Artists
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2020 Art Fairs

2020 Art Fairs are a big unknown at the moment, with Spring and many Summer events cancelled...the following event info is from 2019. 

JUNE 22-23
Susan Kline & Kristy Jo Beber: Covington Art Fair. Fort Wayne IN
Janet Webb: Art Fair on the Square. Bloomington IN (Saturday Only)

JUNE 29-30
Susan Kline, Kimberly Rorick & Janet Webb: Grand Haven Art Fair. Grand Haven MI

JULY 13-14
Susan Kline, Kimberly Rorick & Kristy Jo Beber: Krasl Art Fair on the Bluff. Saint Joseph MI

Janet Webb: Art in the Park. Petoskey MI

Susan Kline: Sutton's Bay Arts Festival. Sutton's Bay MI
Kristy Jo Beber: Art Fair Around the Square. Noblesville IN (Saturday Only)

Susan Kline, Janet Webb & Kimberly Rorick: Waterfront Art Fair. Charlevoix MI

AUGUST 17-18
Kristy Jo Beber & Janet Webb: Levis Commons Fine Art Fair. Perrysburg OH

AUGUST 24-25
Susan Kline: Art in Speed Park. Sellersburg IN

Susan Kline: 4th Street Art Fair. Bloomington IN

Janet Webb, Kimberly Rorick & Kristy Jo Beber: Labor Day Arts Festival. Upper Arlington OH

Ruth Koomler: Fort Wayne Arts Festival at Jefferson Pointe. Fort Wayne IN
Susan Kline: Black Swamp Arts Festival. Bowling Green OH
Janet Webb: Penrod Arts Fair. Indianapolis IN (Saturday Only)

Janet Webb: Birmingtham Street Art Fair. Birmingham MI

Kristy Jo Beber: Johnny Appleseed Festival. Fort Wayne IN
Susan Kline: Edwards Place Art Fair. Springfield IL
Kimberly Rorick: Weaverville Art in Autumn. Weaverville NC (Saturday Only)

Kristy Jo Beber, Janet Webb & Ruth Koomler: Art at the Riverside. Leo IN (Saturday Only)
Susan Kline: Carmel International Arts Festival. Carmel IN

October 4,5,6
Susan Kline: St James Court Art Show (St James Court Section). Louisville KY
Janet Webb: Historic Shaw Art Fair. St. Louis MO (Saturday & Sunday)
Kimberly Rorick & Ruth Koomler: Studio Tour. Ossian & Craigville IN (Saturday Only)

November 1-3
Steve Vachon, Sue Davis, Kimberly Rorick & Kristy Jo Beber: Just a Bunch of Potters. Fort Wayne IN

December 7
Orchard Gallery Holiday Open House

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