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JUNE 2-30, 2022: Working Together 2: A Collection of Collaborative Art
July 2-30: Christine Davis Raku Fired Pottery & JD Nolan Photography
AUGUST 2-31, 2022: Colorful Pottery & Paintings by Kristy Jo Beber
SEPTEMBER 2-30: Sarah Creason Paintings & Thomas Braun Woodturning
OCTOBER 4-31, 2022: Sue Davis Acrylics & Steve Vachon Raku Pottery
NOV 10-DEC 31: Holiday Art
JAN 2023 TDB
FEB 2023: Valentine Hearts
MARCH 2023: Annual Themed Exhibition
MAY 2023 TBD
Acrylic Painting - Kathy Funderburg
Clay - Kimberly Rorick
Clay & 2D Mixed Media-Kristy Jo Beber
Clay - Steve Vachon
Clay by Guest Artists
Clay & Glass - Paula Crill
Encaustic & Baskets-Ruth Koomler
Glass - Elaine Wiening
Glass by Guest Artists
Fiber - Natalie Drummond
Oil & Acrylic Painting-Janie Caldwell
Fiber & Mixed Media by Guest Artists
Jewelry-Janet R Webb
Jewelry & Oil Painting - Suzi Emley
Jewelry by Guest Artists
Mixed Media - Sue Davis
Mixed Media-Susan Kline
Oils - Sarah Creason
Photography - Martha Trenkner
Wood & Metal by Guest Artists
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Art Sarah Creason Barn on the Lake.jpg

Sarah Creason

American Expressionist

“Art is long – Life is short" 

Working primarily in oils, I create works of art in the Impressionistic style.  I handle the pigment loosely, applying subtle, free stokes of paint using a limited palette (five colors).  Inspired by the hypnotic paintings of the American Impressionists, I am on constant search to capture limited effects of light and color in landscapes, domestic scenes and figures. 

A childhood fascination with light and color has never left me.  Truthfully, I have always loved the play of sunlight and shadow.  A field trip to the ChicagoMuseum of Art introduced me early on to the best of the best.  This inspired me to study fine art at the college level for two years and take workshops with local, national and international artists.  This and miles and miles of bad canvas is how I learned to paint.  Exhibitions include several solo shows and with other artists at local galleries and venues.  Received awards in judged and juried competitions.   Professional memberships include Hoosier Salon, Indiana Plein Air Painters, Midwest Museum of Art, Lakeland Art Association, Ft. Wayne Artist Guild, Noble County Artists, and WhitleyCountyArt Guild.  

Workshops are held each month atFishtales Studio.  In the workshops, I take each student at his or her own level of artistic development and help to increase the quality of artistic expression.  Unlike many instructors, I do not use workshop time for a group demonstration.  However, I demonstrate, individually, solutions and technique when a student encounters a problem.

I am fortunate to have my husband, Cliff, my biggest cheerleader, and a large family who continues to support me in my efforts.   Art is a reflection of life, my life with Jesus Christ.

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